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BIENAL do livro RIO 2021

For the Brazilian peeps: My interview to one of Brazil’s biggest literary events, the Bienal do Livro do RIO 2021, is online at their official website!(*in Portuguese, see link below). … Continue reading

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Galaxycon Richmond 2020

I had a lot of fun helping out Roger Cruz (@rogercruzart) at @galaxyconrichmond this last weekend. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table to say hello and chatted with us! Thank … Continue reading

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LIVE Interview: at Quanta!

I did an interview for the new talk show created by the best art school in Brazil: Quanta Academy of Arts! It was a lot of fun talking to the … Continue reading

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CCXP 2017

Comic Con Experience 2017 is over! The convention this year was such an Experience! It was 4 days full of comics, incredible artists, T-Rexes, robots, cosplayers of everything and anything … Continue reading

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Sorte no Azar! Lançamento!

 SORTE NO AZAR – Um Romance Paranormal Amanhã é Halloween, e que jeito melhor para comemorar do que com um lindo lançamento do meu novo romance paranormal? SORTE NO AZAR está disponível … Continue reading

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Bad Luck.Book Release!

BAD LUCK – A Paranormal Romance Tomorrow it’s Halloween, and what better way to celebrate this spooky holiday than with a new book release?BAD LUCK is available for sale at … Continue reading

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Entrevista para Estante Diagonal!

I did an interview for Brazilian blog Diagonal Shelf! Thanks for having me, guys! It was fun answering your questions. Minha estrevista no blog Estante Diagonal está no ar! Falo … Continue reading

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Lady’s comics na Quanta!

This Sunday, May, 07th, I did a workshop for the Lady’s Comics event at the acclaimed Brazilian Art school Quanta Academy of Art in Sao Paulo/Brazil. It was fun to … Continue reading

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Lançamento Mundos Paralelos

Estarei na Livraria Cultura da Av.Paulista em São Paulo, no dia 24 de Abril de 2017, autografando meu novo livro ‘Mundos Paralelos’ publicado pela Ed.Abril, junto com os outros incríveis … Continue reading

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Mundos Paralelos

Pessoal do Brasil! Estou participando com um conto Sobrenatural no livro MUNDOS PARALELOS, publicado pelo Selo Mundo Estranho da Editora Abril, junto com escritores fantásticos e fenômenos do Wattpad Brasil: … Continue reading

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Inkitt Top 100

I’m on The Inkitt List of Top 100 Online Indie Authors To Look Out For in 2017 for my Bad Luck novel!Thanks Inkiit! #SpreadtheLuck #BadLucknovel Bad Luck is available on … Continue reading

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Revista Livraria Cultura

I did an interview for the Brazilian Magazine Culture Bookstore this December 2016, edition #106. Thanks for the feature, Culture Magazine! Dei uma entrevista para a Revista da Livraria Cultura … Continue reading

December 23, 2016 · 1 Comment

Silvery Eyes

A text I wrote a few years ago about Tristan’s eyes. December 19, 2013. SILVERY EYES Now, let me tell you about Tristan’s gray eyes. Where to begin? What words … Continue reading

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IX Jornada Internacional de Mulheres Escritoras

Lilian Carmine will be attending the IX International Women Writers Literary Event in Sao Paulo/Brazil! (June, 11, 2016). Check it out THE LOST BOYS Portuguese copies! ~:~ Lilian Carmine é … Continue reading

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Society6 Merch!

Now you can find some cool things in my Society 6 page!

December 21, 2015 · 2 Comments

The Lost Boys in Turkey!

You can read THE LOST BOYS inTurkish now! Published by Epsilon Publisher. Link to buy the book at Epsilon Publisher:

December 7, 2015 · 2 Comments


I have been working with the incredible Birdo Studio in two animation projects this year! Birdo Studio and his amazing team are responsible for the incredible new mascots of the … Continue reading

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Quantoon Album Premiere – Book Signing!

For the Brazilian Fans!! (read the article translation to English at the bottom of the page*) Para os fãs Brasileiros! Lilian Carmine estará participando com mais seis artistas (Matteo Papaiz, Alexander … Continue reading

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Lost and Found **BOOK GIVEAWAY**

**BOOK GIVEAWAY!** The grand finale for The Lost Boys trilogy~ LOST AND FOUND~ by Random House UK, is now available for sale in paperback and E-book! Join Joe Gray and … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

THE LOST BOYS are coming back, to face new dangers in a new magical adventure! Can you guess where they’ll be heading this time? The third book of the Trilogy … Continue reading

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The Power of Music

Music is ever present in ‘The Lost Boys’. It’s what brings all the characters together, it’s in the lyrics Joey writes, in the melodies they create together, in their daily … Continue reading

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My TOP 10 writing TIPS!

#1 Tip: WRITE IT DOWN! Don’t just have this amazing idea and do nothing about it. Write that story down. A potential story is just stored energy that’s sitting there … Continue reading

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Wave Magazine Interview

Interview at Wave Magazine Canada/Brazil! (in Portuguese*)Entrevista com Lilian Carmine na Wave Magazine Canada/Brasil. Outubro, 2014. … Lilian Carmine Por WAVE Magazine -outubro 17, 2014 Nascida em São Paulo e formada em … Continue reading

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Toronto Life Magazine – Wattpad Stars!

Wattpad in the News! Have you heard about the amazing article about Wattpad in TORONTO LIFE MAGAZINE? Special wattpad writers are featured in the magazine as well: Anna Todd, Lilian … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway at Girls Love To Read Blog!

TLB BOOK GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a signed copy of The Lost Boys & The Lost Girl at the GirlsLoveToRead Blog! Entries open Worldwide! Giveaway ends in five days … Continue reading

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Lost and Found cover reveal!

The third book cover of The Lost Boys trilogy is finally out! LOST AND FOUND, published by Random House. Synopsis Joey Halloway is looking to the future Freshly married to … Continue reading

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Wattpad Open House Event

I’ve been invited to Toronto as one of the guest writers for the Wattpad OpenHouse party and had the opportunity to meet the Wattpad Team and authors from all around … Continue reading

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Happy B-Day to THE LOST GIRL!

Today is the book release date for THE LOST GIRL! We hope you enjoy the read as much as you enjoyed reading The Lost Boys. The Lost Girl is the … Continue reading

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Female First Interview

  Exclusive interview with Lilian Carmine by Lucy Walton | 21 May 2014We talk to author Lilian Carmine about her new book The Lost Girl… The Lost Girl is the second book of … Continue reading

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The Lost Girl Cover!

Book 2 of The Lost Boys trilogy: THE LOST GIRL has arrived at Random House UK HQ! Looking so good with its foil roses! Have a look at the beautiful cover! … Continue reading

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The Lost Boys Portugal Edition!

The Lost Boys cover reveal: PORTUGAL Edition, Published by Casa das Letras.

March 20, 2014 · 1 Comment

BookGiveaway Signed Copy of TLB!

BOOK GIVEAWAY! #IloveTheLostBoys Contest Duration: 05th March to 15th April of 2014. ENTER TO WIN an autographed copy of THE LOST BOYS with a special personal dedication from Lilian Carmine! … Continue reading

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Lost Boys Week in Brazil!

It’s LOST BOYS WEEK for LeYa Publisher in Brazil! A message for the Lost Boys Brazilian Army: SEMANA LOST BOYS NO BRASIL! Lost Boys – O Verdadeiro Amor Nunca Morre … Continue reading

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Reality’s a Bore Blog. Book Review

“I can honestly tell you, that if you pick up The Lost Boys, you will not regret it. Yeah it’s about this huge, epic love, but it’s about so much … Continue reading

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A game that no one wins

I love this picture. I think it represents Joey and Tristan’s struggle, their fight against Death and their fight to remain together. A tragic romance that cannot end any other … Continue reading

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TOP 10 Lost Boys List!

TOP 10 LIST of The Best Things about being a Lost Boy: 1- You will have the most amazing group of loyal, fun filled, mischievous friends you could ever wish … Continue reading

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Books á La Mode Interview

If you want to check out the interview at BOOKS À LA MODE, click on the link below: If you prefer to read it here, see below: Describe The Lost … Continue reading

January 14, 2014 · 2 Comments

Christmas Book Giveaway 2013

BLOG BOOK GIVEAWAY! duration: December 1st to December 30th YA BOOKS CENTRAL is giving away 03 copies of THE LOST BOYS this Christmas!Giveaway is open internationally. See the giveaway details … Continue reading

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Women Writers Blog

The Lost Boys: From Wattpad to 3 book Publishing Deal with Random House. The Story behind The Lost Boys at the WOMEN WRITERS BLOG! November 17, 2013 | By Lily Carmine Lilly … Continue reading

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The Lost Boys Italian Cover

Check it out THE LOST BOYS Italian Cover!For the Italian Lost Boys Army, spread this news below!!“Il patto con il fantasma: Newton Compton Editori, Oct 3, 2013 – Fiction. Il primo … Continue reading

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Out of the Press!

Lots of goodies all in today at Random House UK HQ!! Fresh out of Press! Steaming hot! October 24th is coming! #TLBbookrelease

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The Lost Boys, a Worldwide sucess!

ATTENTION LOST BOYS ARMY!!! SOME GREAT NEWS TO SHARE: The Lost Boys Trilogy is going to be translated and published at TURKEY, ITALY, PORTUGAL and BRAZIL too! Now you can … Continue reading

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TLB Book Sales

THE LOST BOYS, THE LOST GIRL and LOST AND FOUND are available in English, published by Random House. The Lost Boys has been translated to Portuguese, Italian and Turkish and … Continue reading

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