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TOP 10 Lost Boys List!

TOP 10 LIST of What’s awesome about being a Lost Boy:


1-      You will have the most amazing group of loyal, fun filled, mischievous friends you could ever wish for.

2-      You will be joining in a rocking band and get to play in concerts, to sing and play and be surrounded by musical creativity.

3-      You get to have groupies following you around and fangirling/fanboying over you all the time.

4-      You get to be ultra cool and a rock star.

5-      You get to have Joe Gray protecting you from bullies and any sorts of supernatural  threats.

6-      You get to have days filled with adventure, there is never a boring day when you are a lost boy.

7-      You get to have a saved special place in the Gray/Halloway’s household and a room to crash in there whenever you need it.

8-      You get Tristan’s special ‘fading’ ability at your disposal (as long as it is to be used for a good justified purpose that is).

9-      You get to have Harry Ledger’s fuzzy warm hugs whenever you want; borrow Seth’s geeky movie collection whenever you like;  hear Sam’s latest and most funny jokes at all times and have Josh as  your work out gym partner all year round.

10-   You get to have the ‘Lost Boy’ honorary title and show it off wherever you go.


Do you have something you want to add to this list? Share your reason in the comments below! 😉


TOP 10 LIST of What’s not so good about being a Lost Boy:


1-      You may get spooked “once in a while” by supernatural stuff (more often than you cared for, to be honest).

2-      You will probably be pranked with frogs over your bed sheets once in a while as well.

3-      You may have to give a few strolls in the cemetery because two of your band mates can’t seem to stop going there despite how creepy it may be or how many shivers it may give you or other band members.

4-      You may have to deal with the occasional supernatural mayhem once in a while (aka in a daily basis) because your band leader is an ex-deceased returning from the dead and his girlfriend and also band member may have some genealogic witchy blood line.

5-      You may have to deal with groupies and fangirling/fanboying all the time, even when you want to have a private time to yourself.

6-      Sometimes you can wish for a boring, uneventful day just to chill and relax and do nothing, but that ain’t gonna happen, brother. (*see #4)

7-      You get Joey’s martial arts moves busting on your back when you’re slacking at rehearsals.

8-      The occasional minor heart attack/stroke over Tristan’s swift deadly silent approaches.

9-      You get to endure Sam’s foot smell; Harry’s burps and other gas variations; Seth’s ever lasting geeky lectures and Josh’s constant tapping hands around the house.

10-   If you are a girl you may suffer acute case of jealousy over Joey’s amazing talent, beauty and charm; and if you are a boy, acute case of ‘big crush’. The latest being the case, beware because the band leader is also the jealous boyfriend.


Do you have something you want to add to this list? Share your reason in the comments below! 😉




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