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Music is ever present in ‘The Lost Boys’.

It’s what brings all the characters together, it’s in the lyrics Joey writes, in the melodies they create together, in their daily rehearsals and long night band practices, in their music classes at the school, in their earplugs while they hang lazily in Joey’s room. It’s in the concerts they’ve played, in their graduation day, in the record booth they shared and the album they created together.

It’s in each single page of the book. Inside and out.

There are so many amazing songs that I played in repeat for each chapter of the book, helping me type along the lines, helping me figure out so many emotions I wanted to translate into Joey’s thoughts, serving as pure inspiration.

The emotions I needed to write were all there, in all those songs, in the melodies and beautiful voices of all those skilled musicians.

All I had to do was listen.

To me music is the closest we have from magic in this world.

And it is the true magic happening in the book.

It’s not in the spells, death deals and magic bounds, but in the love for music that they shared, in their friendship and their love for each other.

That is the true love that never dies, the love that endures through time, the love that lasts forever.

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The Lost Boys

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