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Silvery Eyes

A text I wrote a few years ago about Tristan’s eyes.

December 19, 2013.


Now, let me tell you about Tristan’s gray eyes.
Where to begin? What words should I chose to describe them to you in a way that do them fair justice?
How about I tell you about the weight of his stare when his eyes land on you?
It is Heavy.
Iron leaden, full of a metallic gray.
But as fast as it crushes you down with its force, it elates you just as quickly. You are suddenly light headed and breathless, dipped deep and submerged; then floating lightly in mercury pools of two silver blazing rings.
Heavy and hazy, piercing and soft, it rages in battle inside of you with this paradoxical forces; two pulls of such distinct natures that wash over you with the strength of a river’s current during a summer storm.
It makes all the air rush out of your lungs. There is no room for air with the struggling forces battling inside.
You are left dizzy, swirling uncontrollably in those silver streams.
You stare back, in locked eyes, as you struggle to find something to anchor you.
You stare back, air stuck in your throat, sinking feelings dragging you to the bottom of that mercury river.
You can drown, if you’re not careful.
That’s the way Tristan’s eyes make you feel.
And for a split second, you see his gray eyes lit up with a light of their own, bursting from the inside, igniting them.
And you know then that those eyes are not from this world.
And that he is no ordinary man.
But when you realize all that, his eyes are no longer on you. They have already left, and you are still there, out of breath, swirling in a daze.
But the image of his silver rings will trail and linger in your memory long after he’s gone.
And sometimes you will dream about them.
And think of gray mists filled with eerie ghosts while you float endlessly in pools of silvery light…

Lilian Carmine on Tristan Halloway from The Lost Boys Novels,
Ebury Publishing/Random House UK.


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